Ya nos hemos reído bastante

by picore

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from Repetidor - 5º Aniversario, released 14 October 2014


ya nos hemos reído bastante
voy a hacerte la guerra por si fuera esta la última vez y clavarte los
dientes por las veces que no pude morder. ven a verme, espera, desespera, llueve, no quieres entrar. voy a hacerte llorar. la violencia despierta, tan valiente, harta de todo a la vez. vas a hacerme llorar. era
broma, lo juro por mi suerte. no te puedo mentir. ven a hacerme la guerra por las veces que me dejaste en paz.

we already laughed enough
I’ll make war to you just in case this is the last time, and my teeth will mark your skin for all the times I could not bite. come and see me, wait there, despair, it’s raining, you don’t want to come in, I’m gonna make you cry. violence awakes, so brave, sick of everything at once, you’re gonna make me cry. I was kidding, I swear by my luck, I can’t lie to you, come and make war to me for the times you left me in peace.


released October 25, 2014
Repetidor - 5º Aniversario, released 14 October 2014

Independent label from Igualada with artists Alado Sincera, Carles Viarnès, Carles Viarnès i Pep Massana, Casadelava, Cataplàusia, Dos Gajos, Dúo Cobra, Duot, Fajardo, Ghandi Rules OK, Inot Eratsis, Neurotic Kites, Oriol Solé, Palisandro, Parmesano, Picore, Roldán and Sonio





PICORE Aragon, Spain

Trance-rock-5-piece-quartet: 13 years old, 5 albums, heterodox vocation, good manners, allergy to rock stars and a resistant odometer.
Incredible deformed rock songs. Minutely detailed, weirdly angled and yet amazingly fun and danceable -reorganising your cerebrum and making your body move around in a weird and very good way `[Dalston family, London-UK]
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